Monday, July 6, 2020

You have not been authorized to use this domain

All of a sudden, about two (2) weeks ago, my blog resulted in error due to too many redirection.  Thus I went to Blogger and played around its settings.  Then the following domain unauthorized error kept popping up, which prevented me from taking away the Redirect domain setting.  

"You have not been authorized to use this domain."

I finally managed to disable Redirect domain by turning off  HTTPS availability first.  Unfortunately, the domain unauthorized error was back and would not go away.  After that, I was unable to alter any settings including  HTTPS availability.  

Today, I simply deleted the original domain associated with Blogger and then rebound it back.  The domain unauthorized error disappears and I can feel free to do any settings change like before.  Hope that such an annoying error won't be back again.  I still don't understand how this error occurred and what triggered it.  It appears to me that it is the issue in Blogger or Google.

In sum, for my case, to fix this domain unauthorized error, I did nothing on DNS but only playing with Blogger settings.  Deleting the already bound domain first and then associating it back fix the issue.