Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Forcing Google Advanced Search to display in English

Google Advanced Search, by default, only shows the local language for anonymous users and there is no language selection option for change.  If you don't understand the local language, it is definitely a nightmare.

To overcome this, simply appending the language parameter on the URL will ease your mind.  For example, if you want the page ( to display in English, simply add a question mark ( ? ) followed by hl=en parameter to the end of the URL.  Language specific can also go along with the region info, e.g.,  hl=en-us.


2 Characters Language codes 

Host language (hl) Parameter

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Resolving invalid mail server certificates with Thunderbird

It has been a long time not dealing with this error and I almost forget about it.   Now it is a lot simpler to fix this than before.  There is no need to export Avast certificate and then import it back to Thunderbird.

  • Go to Thunderbird Settings and select Privacy & Security.   
  • Scroll down to locate Manage Certificates....

  • Certificate Manager window will be shown.
  • Ensure to select Authorities in the Certificate Manager window.  Then scroll to the row of Avast Web/Mail Shield, select the certificate and then choose Edit Trust....

  • Grant trust to the certificate and then click OK to exit.  In my case, I only need this: "This certificate can identify websites" since I manage my personal mailboxes.


Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Disable Chrome Download Popup

The "Enable Download Bubble" are no longer found in the experiment features which usually can be customized in chrome://flags.  For now, it can be turned off via the settings.

Go to chrome://settings/downloads

Turn off "Show downloads when they're done" to disable the popup notification when the download is completed.  

This setting only disables the popup upon completion.  You will still see the animation signal as soon as the download has started.