Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Just renew magicJack for another 5 years

It's time for renewal.   I received their email notification about this good deal today.

The 5-year promotion plan is only offered for renewal, can only be used once and then is no longer available to add more years or reused.  The total charge for 5-year plan renewal is $150 order + $13.50 admin = $163.50 plus tax if any.

If your magicJack plan is going to expire soon and you consider to renew it, you may better check if your account offers you a special 5-year plan renewal.  

My experience with magicJack

I have been a magicJack user since 2009, and I am happy about it.  It has been already over a decade that my magicJack device is still working.   A few years ago, magicJack even made its mobile apps available for free without additional charges.  The mobile app can be used any time without the magicJack device plugging into a computer as long as the Internet connection is available.  It is a very good on-the-go or home office feature without carrying the magicJack device around.  The bad of the mobile app is that it always keeps popping up the new feature alert if the permission is not allowed on your mobile device's settings.  Hope that magicJack will improve it soon.  The current new feature is able to use Bluetooth for communication.  For security reason, I don't want to enable it by default.

Another good about the magicJack mobile app is that it can run on a very old android device with at least Android 4.4.  But there is no such an offer for Apple users.  It requires at least IOS 13.  It means your devices must be quite modern.