Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Disable Dell Mouse Stick Pointer on Windows 7

I personally find this Dell mouse stick pointer very annoying. It always messes up my typing. Thus I always had it disabled. All of a sudden, today it is enabled. It turns out that Dell Touchpad application no longer exists in my laptop. I don't understand how and why this could happen. It could be related to Windows update. In order to disable it, I have to re-install Dell Touchpad application. After the reboot, Dell Touchpad will show up in Mouse Properties so that I can configure it. The following is the procedure of how to disable this mouse stick pointer.
  • If you don't have Dell Touchpad application installed, go Dell Support site to download and install it. Most of time, a reboot is required after installation.
  • Go Control Panel.
  • Select All Control Panel Items.

    All Control Panel Items

    Or type mouse at the search box and then select Change mouse settings.

    Change mouse settings

  • If you have Dell Touchpad application installed, Dell Touchpad tab will show up. Click on the image inside the Dell Touchpad tab content.

    Dell Touchpad

  • Select Button Settings from Dell Touchpad window.

    Button Settings

  • Select Device Select tab and click Disable radio button of Pointing Stick and then click Apply.

    disable pointing stick
  • The mouse stick pointer will be disabled instantly. Click OK and then exit the Dell Touchpad application.

Note that the above procedure/pictures are captured from my Latitude E6510.


  1. the glide stick was funky and caused the mouse to drift but this got it fixed.

    Than you!

  2. Spot on, solved my mouse drift .... cheers for the advice

  3. I found a faster easier way to resolve the issue.

    I tried to download the software, but I was still without a resolution.
    The application was still not present on my PC

    Since I was pissed off.. I thought a pair of pliers would do the trick.
    I ripped that F'n thing off. Pulled straight up.
    Some of the protect film came out also.
    As this is a company lease laptop... I don't care.
    Worked great... No more worrying about that dumb-a$$ stick F'n up my emails and scripting.

  4. Thank you for the instructions. In my case, though, I got rid of the Dell Touchpad tab in another way and recovered it in another way. To return it back, I went to the Start menu, searched for msconfig.exe, opened it, went to the Startup tab, and enabled "Alps Pointing-device Driver". Then it asks you to restart a computer which I did. and YAY! The pointer is disabled!

  5. Make sure Apoint.exe is enabled at startup using MSconfig. I disabled it and that didn't fix the pointer issue.

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