Sunday, May 31, 2015

WeChat Team Official Account is the Official Spam Account

WeChat Official Account 
Screen Name: WeChat Team
WeChat ID: WeChat

I've recently installed WeChat to my phone and been spammed by WeChat official account (WeChat Team) since then.  WeChat Team will periodically spam you with all the unwanted advertisements and promotions (e.g., concerts, restaurants, celebration parties, coupons and etc.).  It is quite annoying.  The worst is that there is no way for you to get rid of it or remove it from your WeChat contact (perhaps uninstalling WeChat app may do the trick).  "WeChat Team" is the default subscription channel when you first installed it.  In order to install WeChat, your cellphone is required, not the email address.  It is different from the past that I heard.

Personally I would like to remove WeChat from my phone.  To keep in touch with people who live in China, WeChat seem to be a good tool except for those spams by the official "WeChat Team".

As per Contact Us at the WeChat official site, the "WeChat Team" account is used for feedback and suggestions.  Sadly, it is actually an official spam account used by WeChat Official.  I have never got a response from them either.  Sending emails via their support email address is also in vain.

Dealing with spams sent by WeChat Official is even more difficult than emails.  Frustrated!

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