Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheated by MagicJack

I ordered MagicJack (MJ) on Feb 22, 2009 Sunday when I saw their ad on TV. I am sure that I remember what the ad said because the ad was repeated several times. I wasn't making my decision right away to order it. I made it almost last minute.

What the TV ad said is: $39.95 for the device and one year free subscription. The ad sounds more attractive to say that making an order via the phone number advertised on the TV now would waive shipping and handling. The product provided money back guarantee for 30 days free trial. It also emphasized that within the trial period, the customer could send it back at their expense without paying the shipping cost. Thus, it was absolutely no risk.

Well, I was cheated. Besides $39.95, there is always $6.95 shipping and handling fee. Their representative claimed, the ad maybe said that I could get my money back including shipping cost. The S&H is not free. Okay, I listened incorrectly. The following is the page when I first activated MJ and logged in. It clearly said that S&H is free. Even now, the page is still there. But they said they don't know what I am talking about and claimed the page could be wrong. Gosh, unbelievable!

Their automatic ordering system is horrible and not easy to use. They cannot get my name right and they have my incorrect email address. There is no confirmation number when I placed an order so I wouldn't know if the order is done successfully. When I first received MJ, I called the customer service for installation. It is not as smooth as it is claimed on TV. At the same time, I inquired my account information and asked when I would receive my billing statement; the customer service replied that there is nothing to worry. When I activated MJ, I would sign up an account at the same time. The billing statement will be sent to my account later. Up to this moment, I haven't received my statement yet but my credit card was charged already on the 30th day from the date I placed an order.

I called their billing department for questions. Their real person attitude is horrible. She helped nothing but referred me back to the customer service (via live chat). My account was billed under different name and different email address. It was why I have never got my bill. Lucky them, they have my credit card right!

Chatting to their customer service twice about account data correction, they said they had informed the accounting department to have my file updated and may try re-send me the statement. An email for correction will reach me within 24-48 hours. 4 days already and I hear nothing from them. Their issue service is very bad!

Luckily their phone service is not bad - it is the only comfort.

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