Friday, April 10, 2009

Windows Firewall Settings and IIS for ASP.NET

If you are using the built-in internal development/test server in Visual Web Developer Express or VS.NET for development, testing and debugging, there is nothing you should worry about the Windows Firewall settings. However, if you would like to test your Web application over the network on a local IIS Web server, you need to have the following setting changed on Windows Firewall setting:

On Windows XP,

  • Go Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
  • Select Advanced tab
  • On the Network Connection Services selection list, select one of the connection item, e.g., Local Area Connection, Wireless Network Connection, ... and etc.
  • Then click Settings...
  • Ensure that Web Server (HTTP) is checked.

On Windows Vista,

  • Go Windows Control Panel
  • Select the Exception tab
  • Ensure that World Wide Web Services (HTTP) is checked.

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