Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free Fax

Oh, no, I cannot send fax. I did in the past when I still had my land line. Not any more now. Traditional fax can't work well with VoIP. Why? See this for why faxing over IP network doesn't work. I am currently using MagicJack which sends data/voice via VoIP protocols. What can I do?

I tried quite a few products but there is only one which actually works. The service can send fax internationally. I also tested this out and it worked like a charm. The other important thing is that it is free!

You can use their service either by your mobile phone or directly at their site : qipit
  • You need to create an account with them first.
  • All documents must be in picture format, not PDF or any other kinds of format. Apparently, the service only operates on pictures. It will convert a picture file into a PDF file for email or fax.
  • You can upload pictures to your account by MMS or email to either or
  • The detail instructions could be found here.
  • It supports a multiple-page document.
  • For free service, the fax limit is 5 per week counting from each Sunday at 12:01 am in Paris, France.


  1. There is also free fax service from Popfax which allows to send as many faxes as you want, which is great, but for the official documents I would recommend the proper service from Popfax. Their prices are not so expansive compare with the other online fax providers.