Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adobe Reader Offline Installers

The easy way to download an Adobe Reader standalone installer for offline use is to get it from Adobe FTP site. And then choose your OS, your desired Adobe version, your language and then download.

Note that sometimes browsing/accessing to the Adobe ftp site is a bit slow.

As of today, the current version is still Adobe Reader 10 (as known as Adobe Reader X). The followings are some links for Adobe Reader v10.0.0 in some languages used on Windows.

Major Adobe Reader Supported Platforms

Windows offline Adobe Reader Installer
Apple Machintosh offline Adobe Reader Installer
Unix/Linux offline Adobe Reader Installer
Android mobile device offline Adobe Installer

For Adobe Reader news update, you can visit their blog.

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  1. hi, there are version 10.1.0 now, well few days ago...

    hola, ya hay versión 10.1.0 ahora, bueno desde hace unos días...