Sunday, January 23, 2011

RealPlayer Free Version Offline Installers for Version

Do you have a hard time to locate RealPlayer Free version installer for offline use? Let me share some standalone installers URLs that I discovered for specific regions and languages. How to discover the offline installer download URLs is presented at the end of this post.

English - United States
English - United Kingdom
Traditional Chinese - Taiwan
Simplified Chinese - Mainland China
Japanese - Japan
Deutsch - Germany
French - France

RealPlayer Version:
Installer File Version:

If you don't care the latest version of RealPlayer and don't mind using a version older, you can simply go RealPlayer old version page for download. This page offers older standalone installers for offline use including all supported languages.

URL Patterns

Looking at the URLs, I found that only the first two query strings are the keys for getting offline installers.

Every URL straightly follows the same pattern (except for English US. The main difference between them is the distcode, which consists of the version (i.e., R61) and the language or region code (i.e., UK, TW, CN, JA, DE, and FR) and plus a character D. Anyway, you should get what I mean and go figure out for other regions if you're interested.

How to Find out Where to Download Offline Installer

  • Go to the Real Website in your region
  • Download the Web version. Free version won't ask you for email address. If so, you're downloading the wrong version. Some regions may say a basic version instead of free.
  • Ensure no Internet connection and then run the Web installer.
  • Wait until its error out. It will take a while, possibly about 3 minutes.
  • As soon as the Web installer gives up, it will offer you a re-download RealPlayer option. Click that button and then the Web installer will bring up the download URL at the browser.
  • Grab the URL and go Internet for download

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