Monday, March 27, 2023

Forcing Blogger to Display Your Favorite Language

Blogger was acquired by Google in February 2003.  Like Google, it always uses IP address to identify viewers' geographical locations for language display.  It doesn't offer language selection for viewers.  If you own a blog under blogger and have already logged in, you will be able to control the language display via the blogger settings.  For others, they could see foreign language as per their IP locations.  In order to force blogger to display your favorite language,  you can simply append a query string (a key-value pair) to the end of  URL along with a question mark (?) prefix .  This method applies to Blogger URL without parameters.  Otherwise, replace the question mark (?) prefix with an ampersand (&).

This technique also applies to Google Search and most Google related products.

No URL Parameter
(Blogger URL usally doesn't have query string)
Sample LanguagesAdd Query String Portion
including question mark (?)
English (United States)?hl=en
French (France) - ‪français (France)?hl=fr
German - ‪Deutsch?hl=de
Chinese (Hong Kong) - ‪中文(香港)?hl=zh-HK
Japanese - ‪日本語?hl=ja

When URL Parameter Exists,
use ampersand (&) instead of question mark (?)
Sample LanguagesAppend Additional URL Parameter
English (United States)&hl=en
French (France) - ‪français (France)&hl=fr
German - ‪Deutsch&hl=de
Chinese (Hong Kong) - ‪中文(香港)&hl=zh-HK
Japanese - ‪日本語&hl=ja

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