Wednesday, March 8, 2023

pCloud only 3 to 4GBs free storage by default

I only used pCloud for its free big file transfer because it can send a file up to 5GBs and doesn't require registration.  pCloud transfer is also stable and fast. And there is no speed limit control for download.  Today I would like to get more free storage so that I can transfer a file beyond 5GBs.  Since pCloud advertised 10GBs free storage, I decided to sign it up.   It turns out that these 10GBs free come with strings attached.  By default, only 3 or 4 GBs are free.

After having signed up with pCloud,  I was asked for email verification to complete the process so that I could have 3GBs free storage.  

To get more free storage up to 10GBs, the following conditions must be fulfilled.  I'm personally not much interested to get them all.  Instead, I feel to be fooled to sign up.  

The first step is to upload a file to pCloud and it is easy.  

After this step, I have 4GBs free.  That's.  I am unwilling to do the rest.   My purpose to sign up is to send a big file larger than 5GBs.   Now my current free storage is 4GBs even less than the free 5GBs without registration. 

Anyway I will continue to show you the rest of the screenshots of what pCloud ask for so that you get an idea and decide if it is worth to sign up. 

The following are the screens after a file has been uploaded.

Download pCloud Drive onto your PC - add you 1 GB

Install pCloud onto your Android or IOS device - add you 1 GB

Turn on sync for your photo and videos upload from your mobile device - add you 1 GB

Invite 3friends -  - add you 3 GB

To me, it is not worth to go through this by being a freeloader!

Actions / ConditionsGetTotal
Sign up pCloud account successfully with email verified (default free GBs)3 GBs3 GBs
Upload a file successfully to your pCloud account1 GB4 GBs
Download, install and use pCloud on PC1 GB5GBs
Install pCloud onto your mobile device (Android or IOS)1 GB6GBs
Enable auto-upload photos and videos from your mobile devices1 GB7 GBs
Invite 3 friends (each one brings you 1GB)3 GB10 GB

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